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There are only few sufficient devices on the market which can support people paralyzed from the neck down to control their power wheelchairs. Therefore these people have to use mechanical tools for example a head stick or mouth operated joystick. The joystick console blocks the vision of the user, therefore a significant part of the road and upcoming barriers are not perceptible. There are alternative controller developments from market leader companies and universities which enable wheelchairs to be steered by voice recognition, myography of facial muscles or by electro-encephalography. These solutions are resource intensive and cost prohibitive.

Gyroset is a specialized headset that measures the spatial head position constantly. It enables the paralyzed individual to control the wheelchair with head movements in an intuitive manner. As it can connect wirelessly to any computer, we developed an Android software that implements all headmouse function.


WheelDroid software opens up the access for communication and navigation systems as videophone, GPS, voice controlled web browser, screen-keyboard and speech synthesizer. The abovementioned application supports the tenders for monitoring the wheelchairs technical parameters, receiving alarms and controling the wheelchair from short distance in emergency cases with their own smartphones. Those paralyzed individuals who are isolated and require persistent tender are now supported by Gyroset to access computers and perform PC related tasks independently.

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