Gyroset™ Guide Red

The Gyroset™ Guide Red is the complete version of our high-end wheelchair control device with drive stabilisation, modular joystick bay, environmental control capabilities, built-in touchscreen and software features.



Features include:


9 DOF IMU drive stabilizer

Modular joystick bay with two options:

a. Optoforce 3D optical force sensor (high sensitivity touch control, sensitivity can be configured)

b. Optical joystick (high durability regular joystick)

IR receiver

IR emitter

433MHz ECU (Environmental Control Unit)

868MHz communication module

Colour touchscreen with embedded Android

Configuration apps where the drive parameters can be monitored and configured


Environmental Control Unit application

Head control application

USB charger (for charging telephones or other attached devices)

Compatible with Gyroset™ Glory headset