About NOWtech

NOW technologies was founded in 2014 to help people with disabilities to live an independent life.

Our mission

Our goal is to provide people with disabilities affordable solutions that enable them to live their life with mobility, and to enable them to communicate, create and work independently.

Safety is our priority.

We’ve been working closely with healthcare and rehabilitation professionals from the start – their relevant insights helped us to ensure that our products are not only safe but require the least amount of training possible.

We believe in innovation.

We believe disabled people should have access to 21-st century technologies, and they shouldn’t have to rely on outdated mechanical products that are uncomfortable, hard to use, and require months of training.

Design matters.

We believe mobility products should and can have a discrete and smooth design, and that users should feel comfortable wearing them out there on the daily.

A few of the amazing companies who trust NOWtech

How it started


In 2013 our founder Marton had to move to a temporary accommodation near the Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Disabled People in Budapest, Hungary. So his path often crossed with the people living there.

He was shocked to see so many people with high-level spine injuries rolling the streets with bulky, cumbersome and visibly uncomfortable solutions such as chin joysticks and pointer sticks. As an inventor and tech enthusiast, he found it unacceptable that disabled patients don’t have access to today’s technologies, and are depending on such industrial, mechanic equipment.

He built the first prototype of our proportional headset almost overnight and after showing it to the leaders of the center, they not only gave Marton their feedback, but also a space in the institution’s workshop and provided wheelchairs for further development.

Our milestones

2014 - Initial investment

After winning the “The Most Successful Entrepreneur” prize by the Minister of Finance of Hungary, from an initial investment provided by DayOne Capital NowTechnologies Ltd. was born.

2016 - Glory 1.0 launch

After clearing for all necessary certificates, NOWtech went on putting the original GyroSet™ Glory to market.

2017 - Chivas Venture and second investment

After winning the Best Social Impact Startup by Global Startup Awards (CES 2017), and making it to the Global Top 10 in Los Angeles at the Chivas Venture we’ve received another round of investment from the Hungarian venture capital firm, Hiventures.

2018 - Glory 2.0 and expanding worldwide

By launching the improved Glory 2.0 headset, based on the feedback of our Beta testers and healthcare professionals, we’ve managed to attract dealers from several countries, and establish partnerships across 3 continents.

2019 - Vigo and the US market

After launching our GyroSet™ Vigo headset, and getting cleared by the FDA we’ve been proud to announce our partnership with the largest mobility distributor in the USA, Numotion.

2020 - NOW

Our products are available in 25+ countries across 4 continents, our team has grown to 23, and we are currently working on our brand new smart controller for powered wheelchairs.