Vigo mouse mode & more - OUT NOW!

Our Vigo head controller for powered wheelchairs has been on the market for about a year, helping disabled patients to get back their mobility. Just a few days ago we have released our latest firmware update for our Vigo head controller, and a brand new BLE dongle – replacing our previous MRF dongle. So what does this mean?

Mouse mode

The most important part of this update is that the new Vigo headsets can now be used as a head mouse for computers and tablets. The Vigo as a mouse is compatible with any device that supports USB HID, including MAC, WIN, Android, and iOS computers and tablets. You just need to plug in the BLE dongle and install our free GyroSet Mouse that is available from our Downloads page, and the Vigo is ready to go.

Switching between drive and mouse mode is super easy, the patient just needs to long-press the Headrest sensor or the external switch they are using. The Cubo’s screen will show the patient which mode they’re currently in.


Clicking is made simple and hygienic with the infrared Gesture sensor on the Vigo, they just need to wink or move their cheek – depending on how their Gesture sensor is set up. The free GyroSet Mouse app has a virtual keyboard, that allows quick and effortless typing for the users


Our team is currently working on the next firmware update that will allow users to connect their Vigo to multiple devices with additional BLE dongles. So for example, they will be able to switch easily between their tablet that’s set up on their wheelchair and their computer, without any help from their caretakers.

You can learn more about our Vigo headset here.

External switches and body buttons

The new firmware makes the Vigo compatible with any external switch or body button with a 3.5mm Jack plug. We will continue to ship all Vigo kits with our default Headrest sensor, and we highly recommend keeping it, but if for some patients it’s not the best choice, now they will be able to choose something that’s a better fit for their condition.

Remote firmware updates

All new Vigos now has the capability to handle remote firmware updates – just like your smartphones. This means all future features will be available for current Vigo users, without them needing to send back their units or having to go back to their dealers to update it for them. Patients (or their caretakers) can easily update the Vigo using their Android phones or iPhones, using the GyroSet Toolbox application – (expected release in March, 2021).