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... has been founded to undertake the development, design, marketing, manufacture and support of the GyroSet solution. Paralysis can be a life-changing condition, especially if the injury prohibits the person from going about their daily routine or job as maybe they previously did. Our goal is to provide these people with an affordable solution that can make them independent and enable them to live their lives with mobility and through providing a way to interact with computers again, providing them with the potential to work, create and communicate.

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Environment control

The units have several built in electromagnetic emitters to control home appliances, lightbulbs, door openers, TV and HI-FI sets. They are compatible with most devices that can be found on the market. Furthermore, it can connect to any computer and act as mouse.

Advanced driving

GyroSet joysticks are 9 degrees of freedom inertial measurement units by themselves, ensuring high drive stability, drift correction and surface roughness compensation. Drives are extremely powerful, 750 Watts per motor. By an optional sensor mesh network they are able to avoid obstacles as well.


A built in shock- and water-proof Android computer has the features of a highly customizable communication platform with speech synthesis, phone and video calling, internet access and satellite based navigation. A possibility of open access to thousands of applications that can facilitate independent living.

  • Modular joystick bay

    The joystick bay allows various types of interchangable joystick modules for a high degree of adaptability.

    Joystick module can be a light joystick with standard mechanics, an optical force joystick, or even a touchpad.

    Personalization was never been so easy.

  • Optical force joysticks

    With an innovative new sensor design, OptoForce created a three dimensional super sensitive joystick.

    Beyond the four main directions it measures vertical force and rotation.

    Control with a touch of a feather.

GyroSetFreedom of choice

  • Powerful

    A driver that is so strong that it can even make a wheelchair stand on two wheels. Furthermore it is efficient as it charges the batteries while braking.


    Modular joystick bay with various types of durable and sensitive joysticks. Access Infrared, Bluetooth, Wifi, 433/868MHz enabled devices and the the internet. Make phone calls or navigate using GPS.

    Hands free

    Our headset constantly measures the head's spatial position and recognizes motion gestures, while tracking eye-blinking. It connects wirelessly to the joystick and allows to control all its features.

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