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Vigo firmware update


Available on all new units (8018) that have been shipped since 2020 December.

The mouse mode is now available (learn more below).

The new firmware makes the Vigo compatible with any external switch or body button with a 3.5mm Jack plug.

Remote firmware updates allow access to all future updates and new features for current users.

Mouse mode

Our latest Vigo firmware update and the new BLE dongle allows users to use their headset as a head mouse.


Compatible with any device that supports USB HID, including MAC, WIN, Android, and iOS computers and tablets

Switch easily between drive and mouse mode

Clicking made simple and hygienic with the infrared Gesture Sensor, just wink or move your cheek

Free software available from our website

Quick and effortless typing with the virtual keyboard

Connect to multiple devices with additional BLE dongles (coming soon)

Learn more about the Vigo here

New tutorials

We have created step-by-step tutorial videos to make it easy for everyone to set up and use the Vigo as a head mouse.

You can access all mouse tutorials anytime on our website, at Tutorials > Vigo > Mouse, direct link here. You can also find them all in this playlist on our Youtube channel.

Don’t forget to follow NOWtech on Youtube for the latest updates and tutorials!

Cubo mounting sets

Durable mounting plates for the best user experience



Material: black POM-C engineered plastic

Available sets for

  • OMNI,
  • OMNI 2, and
  • Quantum‘s Q-Logic 3 EX Enhanced Display